Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012


Yeah the timezone thing messes me up to. If you write on sunday nights I should get it on time. It's weird to think that I am almost on the exact opposite side of the planet. Just a couple of timezones over. I'm glad the play went well. It sounds like you had a bigger part this year. I'm sure that was fun. Ha, ha. That's so cool that Malea is going to Vegas! She'll have to talk to Krystine or something. Is that the mission that she lives in? Has she decide where she is going to go back to school? Yay baptisms! I'm really happy for Sister Rowles! Is her grandson old enough to be baptized yet? I forget. Two of the Elders in our district were supposed to have one on Saturday, too, but the guy never showed up, and he doesn't have a phone, so they still don't know what happened. Really sad. Most people here don't have phones and, or cars, which makes keeping in contact difficult. We had a pretty good week. We got a list of some former investigators that we called and got an investigator and a lot of possibles. One guy that we talked to is from Nigeria and is blessed to know the language of English. That's actually probably more of a blessing for me. He was really prepared and my companion said it's no wonder they are baptizing like crazy in Africa. Hopefully we will be able to meet with him again soon. Everybody looked like they were doing well. Kelleene looked a lot better the second day, so I hope that means she is recovering quickly. When is Jared heading off to school? Well, I think that's it for now. I need to start bringing my journal when I right emails so I can remember some of the cool experiences that happen throughout the week. There are a lot every day on a mission and I am so grateful to be able to serve. I love you all and I hope you enjoy the end of your break!

Старійшина Джолстед

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

Mother and the rest of you,
Thanks for the address. I should be able to get something to her before her birthday. I'm sure that whoever my companion is will be able to get me the right boots, and everything is extremely cheap over there so that's good. You may want to make sure I have a little money in my account though, just because i will have to pay for baggage when I leave. That's really cool about Marin. I totally forgot about her and it's a great idea to invite them to the Christmas play. I also thought that when you guys go caroling and invite people, you should ask Bishop Cox if he can give you the names of any inactive or lessactive members that you can invite. I thought about the Dachs specifically. Um, did you guys hear anything about a governmental collapse in Ukraine, cause we heard a rumor that everyone in the government except for the president had resigned and that's a little worrying since we get our travel plans tomorrow and leave in less than two weeks. If you could look into it and dear elder me tonight or tomorrow that would be awesome. Oh, and last week when we were coming back from the temple we met a missionary who had just gotten back from Ukraine and he said that they were going to open new cities in the next couple of transfers! I think it wuol be awesome to open a city. I would feel like ammon going to the lamanites or something. Anyway, I love you lots and I'll send another letter today!
Elder Jolstead the Younger