Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

Mother and the rest of you,
Thanks for the address. I should be able to get something to her before her birthday. I'm sure that whoever my companion is will be able to get me the right boots, and everything is extremely cheap over there so that's good. You may want to make sure I have a little money in my account though, just because i will have to pay for baggage when I leave. That's really cool about Marin. I totally forgot about her and it's a great idea to invite them to the Christmas play. I also thought that when you guys go caroling and invite people, you should ask Bishop Cox if he can give you the names of any inactive or lessactive members that you can invite. I thought about the Dachs specifically. Um, did you guys hear anything about a governmental collapse in Ukraine, cause we heard a rumor that everyone in the government except for the president had resigned and that's a little worrying since we get our travel plans tomorrow and leave in less than two weeks. If you could look into it and dear elder me tonight or tomorrow that would be awesome. Oh, and last week when we were coming back from the temple we met a missionary who had just gotten back from Ukraine and he said that they were going to open new cities in the next couple of transfers! I think it wuol be awesome to open a city. I would feel like ammon going to the lamanites or something. Anyway, I love you lots and I'll send another letter today!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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