Thursday, November 29, 2012

добре день!
So I'm really grateful today that so many people wrote me that I will only have time to write one email to reply to you all. Thank you for Grandma's address, Mother, and I'm glad you all had a great Thanksgiving! I hope everything is going well in Seattle. So my Thanksgiving was AMAZING. We had a devotional in the morning and ELDER HOLLAND CAME!!! He said that since we were away from our families on thanksgiving, he would adopt us into his family for the day and all of his family members who were visiting them for thanksgiving were part of the program. His wife is really awesome and not what I expected. While Elder Holland is bold and blunt, she is actually a little more shy. She bore an awesome testimony and I have an increasing love for the wives of general authorities since I have been here. That is probably a harder job then any of us who have never been in that situation can understand. Most of the details of the talk that he gave, which I will never forget, are going to be in the letter I send this week, so if those of you who don't live at home want to hear it, you'll have to ask Ma about it. Anyway, the rest of the day we were doing a humanitarian project and we also had a more lighthearted program where we had musical numbers, sang, and some of the Elders and Sisters put on a skit about the first thanksgiving that was pretty funny. We finished off the day by watching the movie 17 Miracles which is really amazing. It's kind of sad, but I liked it and it had a really awesome song in it that I had never heard before. So it was a really great day and I don't think I will ever forget it. Oh, another interesting development is that I was called as district leader this sunday, which is cool. To give you an idea of how awesome my district is, all of the callings in the branch outside of branch presidency and individual district leaders are in our district. I feel really blessed to be going to Ukraine and I already love the country, even though I've never seen it. I hope all of you are doing well and that you keep being awesome! I love you!
Старійшина Jolstead

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