Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

Моя Сім'я,

     We didn't have anymore weird experiences this week, but we had some really cool ones! We finally have a really great progressing investigator who seems to actually want to progress. Here's an example of how awesome he is. I'm not sure how we got on the subject (understanding is still a little difficult) but we were talking about what fasting is in our church and he said that not eating two meals saves a lot of money and all of that money that we would spend should be given to the poor. Needless to say, we then explained fast offerings. Sometimes I feel like he is already LDS. He even said that he doesn't like crosses on churches because he says it's like worshipping a tree. Ha ha. Hopefully by the time I email next week he will have a baptismal date. The language is definitely coming, but very slowly. I have trouble finding time to memorize new words. I learn a lot of new words throughout the day anyway, but my vocabulary is still way too limited. I'd really like to be more help on lessons than I am right now. I think today sometime I am going to label everything in the apartment in Ukrainian. That should help a lot. Yay for Brother Sternod! That's awesome! That's one thing that is really needed down here: priesthood! That's what opens up cities and creates wards and stakes. Men with the priesthood. There aren't too many Melchizedek Priesthood holders here. I hope everything is going alright with Kelleene. I didn't even know that there were different kinds of Chemo. Hopefully she won't have to do very many treatmants with this one. Oh, and you need to tell Derek to write me what he thought about the superbowl. I haven't gotten a single email from him and the superbowl gives him something to write about, so he can't use that excuse. That's awesome that Jaren in going out again! Will he have two years, or just the amount of time that he had left before? I like the pictures, but I don't see the resemblence. That may be because I think my face is getting fat. Ha ha. I think it might just be filling out a little more and I am not used to it yet. I am still gaining weight out here, which is good. We eat pretty healthily too. Anyway, I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week!

Elder Jolstead the Younger

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