Dear Family,

 It's too bad about the van, but that thing has been dead for a long time. We just always refused to bury it. Are you guys able to legally drive Shantewa's car yet? That's cool that you got to see Robbie. Now that he's back I think I'm the only missionary in our ward in Europe right now. Has anybody else turned in there papers yet?

This week was really trial of our faith. Without fail, every single appointment we made with investigators diddn't happen and a lot of our other investigators randomly lost interest. It was really sad, but I know that we continue trying our hardest and praying our hardest, the Lord will bless us with people to teach who will accept the gospel.

We went to Chervonograd this week again. That's the city that I was telling you about that doesn't have missionaries right now but hopefully will soon. We aren't allowed to proselyte, but we can answer questions if asked. We were able to visit one of the members down there (there are only four) and on the way back, Elder Dorius was able to talk to a really awesome family who lives there who were interested in hearing about the gospel, so maybe we will be able to teach someone in Chervonograd after all. It's a really cool city and it would be awesome to serve there when it gets opened.

Elder Cox emailed me this week, but I was only allowed to email him back to tell him that I wasn't able to email him, so that was kind of sad. I kind of miss reading other missionary blogs and seeing what they are doing.

I don't know if you got my email a couple of weeks ago about recipes or if you forgot but I just thought that I would remind you. Also, if you could send me some instructions on how to make Father's chili, that would be appreciated.Well I don't have much more to say this week and this computer is messing with my eyes, so I think I will end here. I love you!

Elder Jolstead the Younger