Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

добре день!
Those pictures were awesome! Braeden's Aragorn costume turned out really well, and I finally got to see what Shantewa looks like under all that foundation. Just kidding. Yeah, we've had snow all week. My companion has two coats, so he has been letting me borrow one because he is amazing. That is really nice of the Nalders, Please thank them for me. I'll be gone just before Luke gets here, but you can tell him that he will have an awesome time at the MTC, especially since I don't think he has to worry about learning a language. We had our first day of only being able to speak out language, which went better than I expected. I can teach the gospel pretty well, but thats pretty much it and my grammar is horrible, but I think that will some with time.There are a couple of other things I would like you to send if you could. you probably feel like I'm asking for something every week, but just remember that when I get to Ukraine, I'll be lucky to even get a letter. My companion wants to maybe sing one of the forgotten carols, but they don't have any music here, so I was wondering if you could copy the songs Joseph, Homeless, and the Three wisemen and send them ASAP. I would also like it if you could send me a copy of my farewell talk, it should be in all of the papers that were in my room. Anyway, I love you and I hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Jolstead the Younger
PS. Jared should write me about how the roadshow went

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