Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31, 2012

Dear Family,
I only have fifteen minutes so this email will also be a reply to Kelleene's, just so you know. I really love the MTC, and that may because I have such an awesome companion and an amazing district. I've gained about five and a half punds since I've gotten here, so that is a good thing, although most of it is probably just my muscles getting back into shape after not being able to do much because of the ear infection. Oh, I an going to need a few things from home that I hope you will be able to send quickly. I realized when I got here that I had forgotten to bring any pictures from home! Our district wanted to show some pictures to each other on our temple walk this week, so I was hoping you could mail them tomorrow? Just some recent pictures of you guys and the family pictures and maybe the one of me and Brother Lee, because I talk about him all the time here. I would also appreciate it if you would mail me a package with one of those coats, because I totally forgot that it would also be cold here, so waiting to buy one in Ukraine wouldn't help me much, although I will probably buy one when I get there too, because they are supposed to be really nice and really cheap. There isn't snow here yet but it is getting pretty cold in the morning. Also, I got my ballot, but there are a few people and things that I'm not sure about and I can't really research them here, so could you have Mikey write me a letter as quickly as possible about what he thinks, because I trust his judgement. So, I heard about a huge hurricane going on on the east coast, and something about new
Elder Jolstead the Younger
Oh, and we learned about some weird superstitions that they have in Ukraine and there's one that I thought Jared might find cool. Apparently you can't leave two windows open accross from each other because they believe that a demon that travels on the wind will go through your house and make eveyone sick. I though that would be a pretty cool episode of supernatural.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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