Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013


Sorry I made you type all those songs. I didn't realize how many there were. Thank you! Now I can hear them in order. How is Kelleene, by the way? I haven't really heard much as far as when or if there will be a surgery or radiation or if they are just seeing what the chemo does. There is a member in Chervonograd who we found out went to Keiv because he had stomach cancer, which is really sad, because that's pretty much a death sentence, especially in Ukraine. I am really grateful that things aren't as bad for Kelleene as they could be. The hospitals in the U.S. are much better than here. Speaking of which, I have an appointment with a dentist tomorrow, because one of the sides of the wire on my teeth came out, so they need to glue it back on, so that should be exciting. I also talked to the mission doctor about my ear, and he said to try sudafed for a while and it that doesn't help, he will get an appointment with an ear nose and throat specialist. I hope it isn't just permanent hearing loss, cause that would be depressing.The Zags are a number one?! either they are having a really good year, or this is a bad year for basketball. I hope that it's the first. I totally forgot about March Madness, which is probably a good thing. And Riley's papers are already in?! What the heck! That kid's not supposed to leave for like a year! This new age thing is making things really weird. How are all of the other guys' papers doing? You said that Braydon Berezay was pretty close and that Chappy was a little delayed by his foot, but what about Dallin or Cody Edwards or Morgan? And has anybody heard anything about whether or not Chris Lines is working on his papers? Well I'm glad that you had THE lesson this week. Ha ha. You didn't draw diagrams like with Shantewa, did you? Just joking. I liked the picture of the play that you sent. Nathan looks taller and a lot older. Sorry, Shantewa, you look the same. You'll probably have to dye your hair blue or something if you want to look any different in the next 2 years.

So this week was cool. We found two new investigators, one of which is really, really elect and awesome. We were really guided to him on the street and we prayed with him and were able to meet with him the next day. He was really interested in modern prophets and wants to see the movie about President Monson that they have here translated into russian. (Almost nothing is ever translated into Ukrainian unfortunately) The only problem is that he didn't come to church this week like he said he would and he doesn't have a phone, which is pretty common in Ukraine, so we don't know how to reach him again. We just have to pray and hope that either he will be at church next week or that we will be led to him on the street again. I also read a really awesome talk this week called "The Fourth Missionary" by Elder Corrbidge, given when he was a mission president, I think. It is really awesome and even though it is directed to missionaries, I would encourage anybody to read it. Oh and we made chili this week, but we made a little mistake. It didn't look like there was enough water, so we added more and we figured that in order to compensate for the more water we had to add more chili powder. Big mistake. It tasted really good, but it was like putting a fireball in your mouth. Mark would have loved it. I think that that is about it this week. I will send you some pictures of Keiv too. I love you!

Elder Jolstead the Younger

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