Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013


Okay, first of all, who is this girl that Jared is dating and why am I not hearing about it from him? I was wondering why hadn't emailed me in a month and now it all makes since. I better be getting an email from him soon or else and you can pass that along. Just kidding. Seeing as how I didn't write him as much as I should have at the start of his mission, I can't really demand letters from him either, so he can send emails whenever he wants. Speaking of which, we were told this morning that we now have an hour and a half to write our emails and we are allowed to write anyone we want, not just immediate family, so you can pass it along that anyone who wants to can now write me an email and expect an answer. Which reminds me that this email may be a little shorter than usual because I want to email Grandma.

Well, like I told Nathan, we might as well open up our own Portuguese branch in the stake now. I can see it now: family reunions where everyone but Mike and I are speaking Portuguese. Just make Dallin and Braeden promise now while they are still young, to not go to Brazil. Speaking of Dallin, I hope that he is feeling better. School makes me sick too. Tell Shantewa not to worry about not getting hired at McDonalds. The McDonalds in the US aren't nearly as cool as the ones in other countries. There are like five here in L'viv and they are all big fancy restaurants where you can eat "American" food. No wonder other countries think that everyone in America is fat. Oh, and I saw something really awesome a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to tell you about. You know those floating lanterns from Tangled? They exist! I saw a couple of them flying on March 8th which is National Women's Day here in Ukraine. I guess sometimes they will also let off a whole bunch of them at a time, which would be cool to see. So yeah, I can check that off of the list of dreams I have. I actually say a big huge banner for that Oz movie when I was in Keiv which was cool. I'm glad you guys had a good time. I totally forgot about pie day until nighttime so we ate kontiks instead, which are like the best desserts ever, so it was a good substitute.

Well, we got our transfer information on Saturday and I will be staying in L'viv but will have a new companion! His name is Elder Gmeiner and from what I hear, he is a really hard worker. He actually trained someone from my MTC district and I have met him like twice, very briefly. So I get to go to Keiv again this week for transfers and this time I get to go to the Temple! I am really excited, because I haven't been there yet and this means that I will be able to before the mission splits in July. We also got some new Ukrainian speaking missionaries in from the MTC, so I am officially no longer in the youngest group here. That's actually really weird. I feel like I just got here and it's almost April.

We got a lot of snow here this week. It snowed really heavily for like two days straight and we got another meter of snow, which is now melting because it is sunny. Weird. The snow actually prevented our investigators from coming to a branch activity, so I didn't enjoy the snow as much as usual. Still no baptismal date but the investigator who we are working with said that he knows he needs to be baptized again, he just doesn't think he's ready yet which is a little frustrating. Anyway, I think that that is all for this week. I love you!

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