Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013


Yay for the lifting of the gypsy curse! That's really awesome that Dallin won! He looks a lot older. He's kind of turning into a Braeden/ Derek hybrid I think. That is so awesome about the Sternods! Getting to the Temple is a huge step and it will be awesome when they get sealed.  That is really, really cool! It sounds like the work is hastening in the Newman Lake Ward as well. I don't know the Lampheres, but that is really cool, too! I loved being a ward missionary. I kind of hope I end up there again when I get home. I now reallize a lot more the importance of working with less-actives.

This week was very hectic. I went to Kyiv for transfers and was able to go to the Temple! It was a really amazing experience and it made me reallize how amazing it is to have a temple so close, where those people that I help come to Christ can go eventually without a long trip. I also have a new companion and he is a lot different than Elder Dorius, so this transfer will be a great opportunity to grow. It is only four weeks, so I will probably be with him the next transfer as well. I was also able to see my first baptism in Ukraine yesterday! It was an investigator that Elder Kelley was teaching with his companion and yesterday was Elder Kelley's birthday, which was really cool. I can't really think of a better birthday. Well that is all for this week I think. I hope everyone enjoys there spring break and Easter! Love you!

Elder Jolstead the Younger

PS. I got your valentines! They were really cool and I thought the Batman was funny.

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