Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 30, 2013

Those Spring String Fling pictures are all blurry. Ha ha, it looks like a sasquatch sighting. Thank goodness for very  few seniors at the  SSF. My butt hurts just remembering going to those things. I'm also not sure what Dallin is doing in that other picture. I'm glad Grandma is home safe. Does she have any idea where she want's to live? Not in that other place. The people there were stupid. Sounds like the work is happening in Spokane pretty well. That is a great idea to have a family night with the Dachs. They are one of the families that I visited when a ward missionary that I still think about every once in a while. Who are the missionaries in our ward now? I probably won't know them. Weird that I've been gone for so long already. Elder Jepson and Miller are probably almost going home.
So this week I got to go to my first Relief Society activity. We were only there because the Sister missionaries wanted us to sing a song with them, but the RS President and the other sisters wouldn't let us leave. We pretty much lost our agency and had to eat dinner with them, which was really good, except for the liver paste. Don't ask. Another really hard week as far as meeting with people goes. I don't have much to share and not really very much time either unfortunately. Oh, since we will be skyping on the twelfth, I need to try and set up a time to talk. I don't know what time you have church,  but if it is at  9  than we will probably have to do it at around six your time. If it is at 11 or one then we can do it at  8 your time or maybe a little later. I have to  be in by  11 your time, so it will have to be well before that. Anyway, let me know. I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week!
Elder Jolstead    

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