Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 15,2013


     It was really awesome to see all of those pictures and no I didn't start crying. Mark looks really good. The fact that he may have trouble adjusting just shows what an amazing and dedicated missionary he was, and is. As Elder Holland said, "Your mission is forever!" I hope that I have trouble expressing myself in English when I get home. Right now I have trouble in Ukrainian, but I'd like to reverse that before the end of my mission. The only problem is that unlike Brazil, there aren't many native Ukrainians serving in my mission and a lot of Ukrainians speak english, so the temptation is really strong to revert to english. I keep having to resist. It's cool that Mark already has a job interview. What are his plans now? I'm sure that's the last question he wants to be asked right now, but I'm very curious, because he had no idea when he left two years ago.

     I love conference! So many amazing talks! Sunday was full of powerhouse talks. I loved Elder Perry's talk about how God and His commandments never change. I hope that I have half the fire that that man has when I am his age, or at any time in my life for that matter. We all know how I feel about Elder Holland, so I don't think I can even express how I feel about his talk. I get goosebumps whenever that amazing servant of the Lord speaks. I hope that every member was listening during Elder Nelson's talk about "riding the wave". I've said it a million times, but the Lord is hastening his work and he needs EVERYONE to step it up and work with all they have to bring others to Christ. Sister Dalton's last talk was really, really cool as well. President Monson's talk on obedience single handedly answered almost all of the questions that I had written down in preparation for conference. Besides the spiritual aspect, I just can't believe he burned down a field! That man's life is full of so many rich experiences that it is clear that Heavenly Father was preparing him his whole life. Conference went by so quickly and I can't wait to get the Liahona so that I can study the talks more.

     I had some pretty cool experiences this week, even if I really haven't see any fruits from my labors yet. I have done a lot of walking and contacting this transfer, which has kind of slowed down the whole weight gaining thing. On Saturday, after conference we couldn't really set up any meetings with anyone, so we went out to contact our way to some less active members apartments. I had two Book of Mormons with me and I had said a silent prayer, asking to be able to place both of them before I returned to the apartment that night. It is way more difficult then it should be to place a Book of Mormon. We worked and talked with probably literally hundreds of people, but I wasn't able to give away a single one. Then, a couple of blocks away from home, seven minutes before nine, I started to talk to this old guy who was actually kind of interested. Then, while I was talking to him, some random young guy walks up to me and asks me in English if he could have one of those books. I gave it to him and Elder Gmeiner explained it to him while I talked to the other guy. Neither one of them gave us there numbers and they haven't contacted us, but it was just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father answers prayers if we ask in faith, acting on what we want to happen.

     Well, I'm glad that you guys are having a lot of fun and enjoying having Mark back. I loved what Elder Eyring said about when you serve, the Lord not only draws you closer to him, but also your family. I know that even though I am on the opposite side of the world, we are becoming a closer and happier family as I serve with everything I have, which is what I am trying to do. I love you all!

Elder Jolstead

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