Monday, June 17, 2013

. Yay for the Sternods! That's so cool! All the pictures from the graduation were cool. Kahlan is so cute! It's really awesome that Krystine is there for her birthday too. Will she still be there when Krystal comes? Oh, and I think you forgot to send me pictures for that activity I told you about and also I still need to know how much money is on my card.
This week was a little bit frustrating, because we couldn't meet with a single one of our investigators. It seems like they knew that it was new transfer and decided to hit the reset button. We also went to that other city that we have been going to but couldn't meet with any of the members there, so it was kind of a wasted trip. At the end of the week we had a visit from Elder Senkins of the third quorum of the seventy, which was pretty cool. I have no idea what he talked on because he is from Latvia and spoke in russian. My russian is very bad, but I understood a few things he said. I can't think of really anything else that happened this week. It is an adjustment getting used to a new companion again, like it always is, but it hasn't been that hard. I think that's it. Love you and be healthy!
Elder Jolstead

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