Monday, June 17, 2013

Thanks for the pictures and the update on my bank account. I didn't get an email from Krystine this week, so I assume that means that she is really enjoying her vacation. Shoot the weasel/ raccoon. I gave Nathan my brilliant plan for killing it, so he should know what to do. Come to think of it, is Nathan a good shot? I've never seen him shoot anything but an airsoft gun. Will we be getting more chickens then? I read about the talent show really fast and thought that it was just an orchestra concert at first. 35 elemantary/ middle school orchestra acts?! I think that would have defined outer darkness for us.
So this week was very busy, but unfortunately not with investigators. The Patriarch who travels around eastern Europe came to give blessings and we had to help him and all of the other people who came in from other cities to get their blessings. We actually went to dinner with him on Saturday and it was very cool to talk to him about his calling. Not much else exciting happened but we are having a kind of meeting this week for all those who will be in the L'viv mission. Kind of a saying goodbye from President Klebingat thing I think. It should be really cool. Only two more weeks as the complete Kiev Ukraine Mission. Really weird. Well that's about all I have time for. I need to stop being so long winded to the other people I write to. Love you all and enjoy your vacation!
Elder Jolstead
PS. Could you send me the recipes for chocolate boiled cake and strawberry shortcake? I miss cake.

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