Monday, June 17, 2013

 Well, this is transfer week and I will be staying in L'viv, but Elder Gmeiner is being made Zone Leader and is going somewhere else. My new companion will be Elder Nauman, who served here in L'viv for 4 transfers just before I came into the mission. I have only met him once very briefly, but I have seen his name on a lot of teaching records. Oh, and I don't know if you remember Elder Kelley or not (he is the one from my MTC group who sent you that letter), but he has been in my district here in L'viv since the beginning and now he is being made district leader in another city. He is really nervous, but he's awesome, so no one else is.
The best part of this week was the baptism on Saturday. It was amazing and one of our other investigators who has a baptismal date for June came to see it, which was awesome. Elder Gmeiner performed the baptism and then I confirmed him and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. I was pretty nervous, because I have never given a blessing in Ukrainian so far. I guess all that really matters is that you get the first part said correctly, which I had already memorized in the MTC, so I think I did okay. To my knowledge there were no grammatical errors. It was really cool to see that new member glow that he has now. I have seen 3 baptisms so far on my mission and you can always tell the difference after someone is baptized and confirmed. That's pretty much all this week. I hope that everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of school. I love you all a lot!
Elder Jolstead

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