Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 12, 2013

     It looks like everyone had a lot of fun together and the pictures were awesome. It's wierd to see all the changes in people. Nathan's face has matured alot, Jared looks like he's gained weight, Mark's neck looks like a freakin' tree trunk, and Braeden is almost as tall as Mikey. Have you gotten a picture of the whole family, yet? I'm glad Kayla and her family were able to come up. Oh, and Shantewa didn't write me or send me anything, so let her be very ashamed and sad. I loved the pictures of my little nieces and nephew! Kahlan totally terrorized that cake like a monster. I hope you got it on film so that we can put scary music to it. Makayla is so cute and she looks so girly. I hope that all the uncles and aunts were very tired after trying to keep up with Daniel. I like the sledgehammer to the wall idea. I have been looking for an excuse to buy and use a sledgehammer for years.
     So the investigator famine is continuing, which is pretty disheartening. We are the only companionship that can proselyte and we can't find anyone to teach. I hop this isn't one of those seven transfers of plenty followed by seven transfers of famine kind of things. I didn't even get seven transfers of plenty! So we have about a week and a half of the transfer left and we are going on permanent exchanges with the District Leader companionship until the end of the transfer, so that we have two proselyting companionships instead of one. Sister Lattin actually told us yesterday that it looks like the guy in the government who doesn't like us is about to get kicked out, so hopefully next transfer the district will be up and running. I will be very surprised if I am still in L'viv at that point, though.
     Church yesterday was really awesome, because there were a lot more people than usual there. I recent convert I taught also blessed the Sacrament for the first time which was really cool. He was called as the librarian a few weeks ago and he loves his calling, which is great. That's honestly about it this week. Next week I will know what's happening next transfer, so that's something to look forward to in my next email. I hope that you have lot's more fun while the family is still together and I love you all!
Elder Jolstead

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