Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 15, 2013

I hope everything is doing well with Kelleene. Is her back bugging her again, too? I think that I will keep this email short and write her after this. I usually only write those who have written me, but she probably isn't able a lot of the time, so I will make an exception. Nathan wrote me a little about the trek, but I didn't get anything from Derek, so he'll have to fill me in next week. I don't know this Morgan Martin person that Derek was flirting with, so I'll have to see a picture before I decide whether I should scold him or give him a high-five from across the planet. The only really exciting thing that happened this week was that we split up the city of L'viv into areas! I think that President is going to do this in every city in the mission so that the work can be more concentrated. I think that the members are getting excited about the new mission and hopefully we will be able to work with them better now. It really is crazy that a new mission was created here. We have only seven cities with small branches. No wards or stakes and we were the only new mission created in Europe. This is a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is telling us that L'viv is ready to grow and that the work is about to get a lot faster here. I am so grateful to be here at this awesome time. I hope everyone is still enjoying their summer. Love you!
Elder Jolstead 

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