Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 22, 2013

     Kelleene is looking pretty thin in that photo. What exactly is she allowed to eat? I hope that she got the email I sent. I realized that the only address of hers that I had was her college one and I didn't know if she still had access to that. Maybe you could send me a different one if not. I can't believe that Makayla is one! I didn't even realize it. I need to send a birthday card. I'm glad you are starting to drive again. You and Nathan can practice together! That's awesome that Jackson is home. Kind of wierd being out here for long enough for that to happen. I loved the pictures of Kahlan. My nieces change so fast that I have to look close to see if it is Kahlan or Makayla whenever I get a picture. Kahlan being blond helps a lot.
     First week of the new transfer and we are really trying to turn things around as far as finding new investigators. We had a lot of trouble and very little success last transfer and we are hoping that the investigator drought has ended. We went to see a family that my companions bishop actually knows, which is weird but kind of cool. They were really nice and also very, very Catholic. That's okay, you know what they say about catholics making the best mormons. One thing that Satan has done really well here in Ukraine is to get people comfortable with there religion and settle for just good. Other religions really do teach good things. If people lived there religions as best they could, they really would be good people. But we should never settle for good when we can have best. Only with what we have been given can we return to live with Heavenly Father and our Savior as an Eternal Family. We were meant for more than just having something good. I feel like we should keep visiting this particular family and let the Spirit work there.
     Yesterday was a really awesome day! A less active family that I have been working with from the beginning finally all came to church and it was amazing! It's crazy how much you can care about people when you are serving them 24/7. I also spent the second and third our standing in front the Branch Presidents office keeping people from going in while President Lattin did interviews. You know how back home people knock and wait to be invited into the Bishop's office. Yeah, that doesn't happen here. They just walk right in, so you have to have someone guard the door. Not much else too exciting happened. I hope that all is going well. The best way to start doing missionary work is to set goals. You can also ask Bishop Cox what you can do to help the missionaries. Oh, and you are a great missionary, whether you think so or not. Anyway, love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Jolstead

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