Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 5, 2013

     I'm glad the week was so eventful. I loved the Harry Potter Day pictures and the ones of Braeden's birthday, especially the one of Nathan in full wrapping paper samurai armor. It looks like everyone wore the traditional wrapping paper hats as well. That's too bad about the cake, but at least Braeden saw it first and the Hulk thing was a stroke of genius. I promised others in emails that I would send pictures of my visit to the Harry Potter restaurant here in L'viv so I hope you enjoy those. I don't know if you should post them, because we were told not to send pictures that would look wierd on a missionary blog. I don't know if they are wierd or not so you can be the judge. It's still wierd for me that Riley is leaving. I didn't even know Justin Anderson had left already, but that's less wierd because he's my age. I'm glad to have a cousin who will soon be serving a mission, because I think I am the only one in the family right now.
     Well, I am trying not to get frustrated at the lack of investigators right now, but it is getting difficult as the days keep passing with no success. I have a feeling that I will leave L'viv this transfer, but I think that it is a good thing. I am the only one who can proselyte right now and when I am gone, english and members will be the only sources of finding. I think that the members will step up and actually start helping us. I think that is Heavenly Father's plan for L'viv. If He wanted His missionaries to have proselyting rights right now, they would have them. This way the members will get more involved and the Branch will be blessed. Not much else to report. I hope everyone has a great week with almost all of the family home and that they aren't too anxious for summer to end. Love you!
Elder Jolstead

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