Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26, 2013


     So I am now in Lutsk. It is also a really old city like L'viv and there are lots of statues and memorials everywhere. My new companions name is Elder Cazanave and he is from California, despite his italian sounding last name. He is a pretty cool guy. I don't know him too well yet, but we have six weeks and probably longer than that. The day after I got here, there was a senior couple serving in Odessa (Ukraine, not Texas) who were here to do some registration stuff and had a day with nothing to do, so they asked if we could give them a tour in the morning. Well, I obviously just got here and didn't know anything, so I got a tour from my companion too, so now I know the city a little better. We went to the castle which is really cool. It was built in the 14th century I think. We actually do service there sometimes, so I'll see it pretty often. Yesterday I got to meet a lot of the active members here, which was good. There aren't as many as in L'viv, but they are all really cool. My trainer Elder Dorius served here for like seven transfers and they all loved him so they get so excited when I say that he trained me. There are also a lot more children in the branch here than there are in L'viv, which is good for the future of the branch.

     That is probably it for me this week. I haven't heard anything for a while, so how's the driving going? Oh, and before I forget again, could you send me Bishop's email address? I hope everyone is excited to start school. I'm really excited to not start school. Well, still working hard here and I hope that all is going well at home. Love you!

Elder Jolstead

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